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Une étude publiée par le Département de chirurgie expérimentale de Bologne en Italie a testé l’efficacité de la thérapie des Champs Magnétiques Pulsés (CMP) pour lutter contre l’arthrose animale. En effet, les auteurs M. Fini et G. Giavaresi concluent dans l’étude pilote auprès d’une cohorte de cochons d’Inde que le CMP rétablistle tissu cartilagineux et concoure à freiner le développement des maladies dégénératives telles, l’arthrose, l’arthrite ou l’ostéoporose. Après quelques mois d’application de la thérapie de façon continue, il a été observé le ralentissement de la progression de lésion.

En parcourant cette revue de littérature scientifique exhaustive sur l’impact des CMP sur la santé humaine et animale, de nombreux thérapeutes et vétérinaires ont décidés d’ajouter la nouvelle technologie à l’arsenal thérapeutique de leurs cliniques pour traiter efficacement les affections musculo-squelettiques tant sur les sujets animaux.

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Boreas CS

BoreasThe new Centurion Boreas is the latest in cold compression therapy. It uses a combination of ice in a therapeutic setting and compression. The ice lowers the temperature of the injured tissue decreasing its metabolic rate and preserving the tissue while compression is used to increase the external pressure on the tissue relieving internal swelling. Common applications for cold compression are post workout therapy, injury prevention, sprains, strains, cellulitis, tendonitis and bowed tendons to name a few.
The Centurion Boreas features an easily accessible water compartment for refilling and drainage. The hose connectors are made of an alloy that prevents rusting and fractures and have been constructed to be leak free. The Boreas comes with two compression wraps in different sizes to treat various areas on your horse and is available through Centurion’s first-rate three month rental program.


transpiratorThe Centurion Transpirator is easily a horseman’s greatest asset when working with respiratory conditions. A key feature is that it’s drug-free. Not only is this better for the horse, it can be used during competition. The Transpirator Therapy has demonstrated improvement in cases where obstructive respiratory conditions or airway water loss contributed to decreased performance levels. By working with the mucous blanket in the lungs, the Transpirator helps to expel the excess mucous and in most cases, any bacteria living there. Common respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, viruses and colds, may be shortened with the use of Transpirator Therapy, allowing many horses to get back to regular training and racing faster. The general health of horses who are exposed to dust, allergens and air pollutants may be helped with the Transpirator.

Hoof Pad

hpadOne of the newest editions to our PMF therapy equipment, the Hoof Pad works with either the 4PH or 9PH generator. This durable pad is made from heavy duty recycled rubber, making it great for use with horses. The magnetic field penetrates from 12 to 15 inches, not only treating the hooves, but also treating to just below the knee or hock. The Hoof Pad is perfect for treating the hoof, one of the hardest areas of a horse to treat. Other indications the Hoof Pad may work on include: abscess, concussion problems, bruised feet, swelling as well as many others.


Therapulse1What makes the Centurion Therapulse Blanket unique is its ability to treat the entire body of the horse in one session. The blanket contains 10 coils placed strategically along its length in order to treat the horse as efficiently as possible. These coils are removable allowing for easy laundering. The durability factor comes from the heavy cotton twill used to manufacture the blanket. The Therapulse Blanket comes with two batteries (providing 5 to 6 hours of operating time), a Centurion controller and a durable Pelican case for easy storage and portability. The Therapulse is on a 30 minute timer, freeing the operator from constant monitoring.

Mini Pulse


The Centurion Mini Pulse is lightweight and portable, two Velcro straps hold it in place during treatment, making it one of our most versatile products. Like our leg wraps, it can be opened to treat different areas of the body including the abdomen, lower back, arms and legs (human, small animal) or the leg or hock (horse). The Mini Pulse comes with a built in rechargeable battery which lasts from 6 to 12 hours. It comes with its own carrying case for easy portability or storage and is excellent for both soft tissue and bone damage.

Neck Piece

npThe Centurion Neck Piece is a portable battery operated unit made with a heavy cotton twill for durability. It is especially designed to treat the neck of the horse with two coils, one on each side of the neck. The Neck Piece is equipped with three Velcro straps to allow for secure placement on the horse. It can be used in conjunction with the Centurion Therapulse blanket allowing you to treat the entire body at the same time. The Neck Piece is washable (please read your manual for cleaning instructions) and comes with one (1) battery providing 6-10 hours of operating time and a durable Pelican case for portability and storage.


9PHThe 9PH is a great unit for the barns or stables, the generator is compact and easily moves where the treatment needs to be. Like all Centurion products it has been designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life around horses. The 9PH comes with two leg wraps (spats), made from heavy leather, which can be used to treat any part of the body, not just the legs. By attaching the Velcro straps together they can be placed over the back in a saddlebag manner to deal with swelling, stimulation and circulation. The 9PH features timed treatments freeing the operator from constant monitoring. Available as optional accessories are the Hoof Pad and Hock Boot to target more specific areas of the horse.


4PHWith the Centurion 4PH you have full control over treatment settings. The 4PH System has a full line generator that offers the user the choice of ten (10) different frequencies and nine (9) different intensity settings. Treatment time can be varied from one to ninety-nine (1-99) minutes. It comes with a powered generator, four leg wraps, a body blanket, two Splitter Boxes and a carry case. The 4PH is our most popular model because of its power and versatility, the leg wraps (spats) can be used on the legs or placed in an open position into the pockets of the blanket. The blanket is constructed of heavy cotton twill for withstanding everyday life in a stable and like the Therapulse and Camel blanket is washable. There are two optional applied parts for the 4PH, the Hock Boot and the Hoof Pad.

Laser Shower

lsThe Centurion Laser Shower operates by emitting a continuous shower of laser light at multiple frequencies from the treatment heads, so that a wide range of problems from surface injuries to deep seated soft tissue injuries may be treated without resorting to specific frequency selection for a particular problem – as was previously required by older style units.